Amelia Tree Conservancy - North Florida Land TrustAmelia Tree Conservancy

North Florida Land Trust is a proud partner and the non-profit sponsor of the Amelia Tree Conservancy.  The Amelia Tree Conservancy is a diverse coalition of Amelia Island, Florida citizens formed in 2013. Amelia Tree Conservancy is dedicated to preserving the island’s maritime forest canopy. The Amelia Island canopy and its habitat play an important role in the life and health of all inhabitants of Amelia Island – humans, plants, and animals.

The Amelia Tree Conservancy acts as an independent committee of North Florida Land Trust.  Their primary mission is to educate the public and increase awareness of the nature and composition of the Amelia Island maritime forest canopy ecosystem and its importance in creating a habitat for humans, birds, animals and plants. They also advocate for and work towards community involvement for the preservation and welfare of the Amelia Island canopy.

If you want to learn more about, or get involved with the Amelia Tree Conservancy, you can contact them at or visit

10000 Trees - North Florida Land Trust

10,000 Trees Jax

North Florida Land Trust is the nonprofit sponsor and a proud partner of 10,000 Trees Jax; an initiative that aims to plant 10,000 native trees in areas throughout Jacksonville, Florida by April of 2017. The areas chosen for the tree plantings are lands that merit restoration over a two-year period that began in April of 2015.

10,000 Trees Jax started when Jacksonville natives Jenna Jennings and Viktor El-Saieh relocated to Jacksonville and pledged to plant 1,000 native trees over a one-year period. That year, they helped plant over 1,100 native trees with the help of local volunteers, organizations and agencies. From there, they decided to expand their goal to 10,000 trees over a two year period.

10,000 Trees Jax is guided by an impressive list of local young professionals who volunteer their time to be a part of a dynamic reforestation effort. For more information on 10,000 Trees Jax, please visit