The Time is Now

North Florida Land Trust has had a monumental year. With your support, we have preserved more lands this year than ever in our seventeen years of existence. In just one year, we have tripled the acres of land now preserved in our beautiful region and doubled our staff to manage it. We have helped families like the Farrs and the Meldrims to preserve the land they call home. Moreover, the wildlife that inhabits their land – the Florida Black Bear, Little Blue Herons, Gopher Tortoise and countless others – will be given the chance to thrive and survive for generations to come.

Bring yourself to the peace of the pine forest swaying in the warm Florida breeze. Imagine the dry, sweet smell of those pines in the weight of interim stillness. Or remember the colorful marsh providing abundance to the graceful egret. These images drive our shared mission to preserve these lands in North Florida. We can argue with clarity that the land is necessary to community health: clean air, clean water, healthy fisheries and productive soil. However, the true drive to preserve these lands comes from something much deeper. It is the innate understanding that land is life. And if we love and take care of the land, we show compassion for ourselves and others, both now and forever.

Please consider helping us do more with this vision in 2017. We have a big goal to preserve 112,000 acres of critical lands in our region. We cannot do this alone! Help us raise $100,000 before December 31st so we can kick off 2017 ahead of the game.

Thank you!!