OneSpark and Grandma’s Farm


Some of you may have heard the North Florida Land Trust is putting out a project for the public perusal and votes at this year’s OneSpark festival. We would like to tell you a bit about it.

 Grandma’s Farm is a legacy left to us by Dr. Robert Ragland. The property was his grandmother’s, given to him in the 1950s. Over the ensuing decades, Dr. Ragland did much to change the little farm to a longleaf pine forest with a wide diversity of plants, most collected from the wild as seeds and raised by Dr. Ragland himself. There’s a medley of beautiful azaleas, laurels, rhododendrons, dogwoods and rarer and more exotic species besides, spread across the property. Dr. Ragland unfortunately passed away 2 years ago, and the North Florida Land Trust is working with his estate to turn it into something more.

 The property is highly accessible, being within Jacksonville’s beltway, next door to a local public high school and within 3 miles of 15 other public schools. It is the wonderful natural condition of the property and its vicinity to so many schools why we are turning the property into our first Outdoor Learning Laboratory – a place where schoolchildren can experience the outdoors. We are also working on implementing an all native food forest – a foragers delight! We are also going to implement a community garden


We have great plants for Grandma’s Farm. Come out and see them at OneSpark

 Photo of Grandma’s Farm provided by Keith Novosel.