Conservation Needs You


To invest in conservation is to invest in a lifelong gift of protection of animals, plants, water, land, and most certainly open spaces for future generations to enjoy long after we've departed.

At the North Florida Land Trust (NFLT), we believe the earth needs our assistance in ensuring that we achieve and maintain a balance between development and conservation.

We invite you to become involved and invest in our vision as we are certain it is also yours. To find out how you can help, click here.


Click here to see photos from our annual Moonlight on the Marsh Gala

Featured Programs

Big Talbot Island

As stewards in trust, NFLT is focusing on preservation and restoration at Big Talbot Island.

Conservation Priorities Mapping

Priority mapping of our most important resources allows us to concentrate our efforts on protection of the best lands for the right reasons.

Outdoor Learning Laboratories

We have the opportunity to bring nature to school-aged children with learning opportunities for forestry, land management, and nutrition through properties located near urban schools within our communities.



Community Partners